Blow Up Structures

Useful information

We are developing a selection of camping and trekking products based on a folding system similar to those currently on the market, called “Pop-Up”, with immediate opening. It’s a new range of closed shell-shape products, consisting of an external casing made of textile surfaces or similar flexible planes firmly strengthened through thin sticks and rods made of fiberglass or pultruded carbon fibers elements acting as self-portable bed-tents, kayak, cradles, means of transport for small animals or family tents. The synergetic usage of rods firmly connected to the textile surfaces allows the realization of considerable structural performances not completely explored, which we wouldn’t define “Pop-Up” but “Blow-Up”, thanks to the greater energy gathered in the closing, which not only makes the object opening, but also makes them literally appear in a fraction of a second. The name of our society is “Pelleossa” (which literally means “Skin and Bone”) to represent the development of these objects, which consist of “bones”, the fiber rods, and “skin”, the fabrics firmly connected to the rods.

Also these products show, apart from an apparent different strucure, the same advantages as ATOM series for what is concerned to lightness and flexibility, along with the same high structural resilience. Blow-Up technology is part of the same synergetic system of Tensegrity.

The Blow Up openings

Some apparatus (mainly small 1 to 4 place tent) are very well known and appreciated thanks to the Pop-Up opening system; it is a word coming from the publishing industry and concerns those beautiful illustations made up of tridimensional cuttings which, once opened, come out from the bidimensional area of the pages in the books for young people, spreading out when the pages are opened. In the Pop-up tents a long and thin rod is closed in wide refolded rings; once the stop is removed it unfolds, opening the tent with the sole force of the tightenings layed down on the same rods when the tend is closed. In this opening technology of these foldings items, the rods while stretching out support some clothes connected to the same rods through ribbons and channels of cloth within which the rods stretch out and run until they “blow up” the prefixed structure. The feature of most of the objects we intend to develop looks like the Pop-up one but it is essentially different: in our apparatus the cloths and the ribbons are not hung to the rods but are strictly connected to these and cooperate to the stability of the structure, contributing with most of their outstanding resilience to the energy requirements of the structure. Our automatic opening technique shows greater energy and rapidity than the weaker Pop up structures because in the closing a portion of the clothes is involved in the gathering of energy and the reaction is faster as well as almost immediate; that is why we chose the name “Blow-up”. Hence “blow-up” instead of “pop-up”.

The technology of the equipped planes is currently used only for the batten of the sails and of the orthopedic corsets. The production of folding structures in this field requires a great work not only at a creative and experimental level; that is what Pelleossa srl has just started, and it will be focused on it in the future.