Lightness-Strenght-minimal encumbrance

ATOM technology includes a wide range of products able to quickly substitute many of the available current support apparatus for outdoor activities. It is a proper technological revolution in the field of folding equipments and furniture.

They consist in seats, stools, deckchairs; furthermore tables, cots, hammocks support, supports for travelling people and other supports. Through the application of an unusual executive principle, ATOM technology, we can produce these items with improvements in terms of weight, encumbrance and strength of 500% in comparison with the current products available in the market. ATOM equipment are incredibly light, weighing on average one fifth, since one fifth of the manufacturing materials usually adopted are used. As a consequence, when closed they occupy a volume of 20 % of the available standard products.

Nevertheless, these lightness characteristics are associated with an extraordinary strength, in fact, though they have the same weight of the existing products in the market, our supports bear far greater loads, five or ten times higher, than those ones. That is why we can produce such light products without prejudicing their strength, on the contrary many of our items show a support capacity which goes beyond the real necessity.

A dimensional jump

ATOM supports redefine the concept of transportability; no one would carry into a backpack a 2 kilos and a half folding seat or a 4 kilos cots, nor someone would carry a seat into a shopping bag; thanks to Atom apparatus what was transportable becomes portable, what was portable becomes pocket-sized.

Structural revolution, Tensegrity, physical record

The lightness and the compactness of our products are the consequence of the application of a particularly efficient constructive principle, existing in nature as well; this natural principle is “Tensegrity” and it consists in the elimination of almost all the mechanical bending, twisting and cutting stresses. The components of the structure are solely stimulated in traction (ribbons and bolsters made of resilient polyester) and a small amount of components (mainly tubular aluminium rods) are stimulated only during the compression stage. Many of our apparatus are real world records in weight, minimal encumbrance and strength.

Production economy - materials recycling, transport and distribution

Thanks to the adoption of a small amount of high-quality and not expensive materials, the production costs make the realization of such products highly economical in terms of raw materials. Aluminium is used in such a small quantity that it wouldn’t be advantageous to substitute them for slightly cheaper iron or steel elements, which would turn out to be more perishable. Rods and cloth surfaces are made of polyester, or highly tough fibres, in order to avoid deformation or excessive elasticity. Further minor connection components are ends, feet and knots, made of reinforced plastic material. The assembly of the components, whose quantity does not exceed that of the more conventional material, is simple and largely automatable on a large scale production. The great reduction of loads and encumbrance allows good productive economies concerning movement, storing, packaging, even more with regards to transport and delivery.

Fields of application

ATOM apparatus can be effective competitors in different trade fields, from camping to hiking, both sport or extreme and domestic. The field of hiking supported by motorized means of transport is relevant to our products, especially with regards to cycle tourism and on foot backpacking. Seats and supports can be left into the car or motorbike trunk without any encumbrance.

The two feet support, an exclusive and patented stool as high as a chair, weighing 300 gr and having an encumbrance of 21 cm and a 7cm diameter, is suitable also for urban usage. For instance, when people need some rest at the bus stop, or for temporary break. Even the biggest apparatus such as tables, deckchairs and cots, perfectly connected with the camping, beach and hiking products from the competitors, may be preferred to standard products, such as outside accessories for caravans and camping vans, where the room for luggage is always scarce.

To conclude, in the domestic field there is a relevant trade in garden accessories. These folding apparatus perfectly fit with open-air activities, and they can be rapidly put back, even when the materials show great water and sunlight resistance. Moreover, when hosting guests these ATOM apparatus are vital, especially in small houses or urban flats.

Air transport and supply for socio medical and military emergencies

ATOM supports perfectly meet civil protection requirements, where it is vital to quickly reach far spots with provisions and light equipment. Lightness and strength along with scarce encumbrance make it possible to install emergency camps, field hospital and military shelters provided with stacking beds, seat and tables within a few cubic meters.

The weight and volume along with their high strength make these products only one fifth of the competitors’ ones. It is likely that these ATOM supports will rapidly dominate this trade sector. The advantage increases in this sector when the air transport is needed. Last but not least it is essential to consider the advantage in the equipment recovery, transport and storing of these apparatus at the end of the emergency.

E-Commerce distribution

With a scarce closing volume, ATOM folding apparatus are perfect for postal delivery (home delivery) or for distribution agencies. In this way, storage and transport issues are drastically reduced, which makes these products perfect for E-Commerce both from general portals, such as Amazon, and from more specific ones, specialized in camping or open air activities.

Patent and resistance to imitative competition

All ATOM products are protected under industrial design patents (some of them are currently underway) with reguards to the structural idea and the main functional elements. After the prototyping of feasible products, these are registered as drawings and models at the regional offices worldwide authorized. ATOM products are protected both as structural framework (ATOM technology) and as executive models.

In the long run a double protection may represent an efficent defence against possible imitations. Since the structural principle is new, there are great margins of renovation, in terms of extention of the range of products and improvement of the components. Our society, the inventor of this class of products, can deal with this renovation and cooperate with manufacturing and distributing companies, in order to constantly update our articles.

Brand creation

It is vital to the company developing these innovative products to combine its brand with an annotation, as an explanation of the exclusive technology of these articles, in order to avoid the competition of imitative products. In this way it is possible to keep a brand image for the “original” product and a brand characterized by technological uniqueness to which the costumer may associate quality and reliability.


The folding apparatus aimed at supporting people have bolsters made of breathable fabrics, tightened in the opening stage, which makes them far more comfortable than the other folding apparatus available in the market. In fact, neither they sag nor show rigid or irritating edges. Moreover their rigidity can be controlled based on the user’s need. In some of the apparatus it is also possible to change the inclination of the seat and the height of the bolster working on the connection between the feet of the rods and the ribbons which block them.

The range of ATOM folding apparatus is very extensive, but mostly they open and work through a couple of movements, as an umbrella. In most of the apparatus you don’t have to link tubes, remove hooks or untangle wires, in fact all you need to do is to pull two or three clasps and the object is ready. Moreover, the lightness and their minimal encumbrance, which also ease the transport, are relevant ergonomics characteristics, helpful to the user.

The only negative aspect depends on weather conditions: if gale is blowing, some apparatus may overturned or even fly. Even when this event occurs, these apparatus would never break as other apparatus do, since these innovative structures, when open and unfolded, have great elasticity and synergistic resilience towards all directions, so it’s difficult to damage them; if you try to throw them to the floor from a height of a couple of meters, they will simply bounce.

B2B relationships. Concession and license for the production and distribution of ATOM technology.

con gli apparati ATOM quello che era trasportabile diventa portabile

La tecnologia ATOM propone una gamma di attrezzature pieghevoli da esterno. Si tratta di una vera e propria rivoluzione tecnologica. Sgabelli, seggiole, tavoli, lettini ed altri tipi di sostegno.