Useful information

ATOM technology is suitable for the realization of tables, thanks to an innovative and exclusive principle of bolster formation through a super-tightened cloth surface, which permits to eliminate the usual and heavy rigid plans or the sheaves of sticks, allowing the user to accomplish most of the specific functions on the table surface: supporting a plate, a lap-top, a tea set etc. The range includes a Little Small Table for picnic or children plays, a tea or garden table 60 cm high, a squared table with standard measures ( side 80x80 cm, 75 cm high) and a progressive range of tables with the same height but with pentagonal and polygonal surfaces: five-seats table, hexagonal table (six seats), octagonal table (eight seats). All these “lunch” tables are provided with a rod going from the central knot to the centre of the bolster, halving the bending of such bolster and increasing its stability.

At the connection point between such central support and the bolster it is possible to link on the upper part a further rod to hold up beyond the supporting surface a photovoltaic surface while camping and an extra battery so as to light up the table at night and to connect electronic devices. For all these tables, which close up as an umbrella does in only one movement after having loosened two or more bands, extra supporting surfaces are provided. These are useful to support ornaments and other loads or to avoid that air blasts overturn such incredibly light tables.