Useful information

The seat back seats range is the widest one. The base is similar to that of the stools, with the addition of a proper seat back connected to the seat and to the rods ends which support it. The seat backs are supported by sticks sewn on the cloth plane as a sail and are blocked by lateral planes linked to the seat during the assembly, but still they can be removed or not lifted up beyond the bolster. During the closing step these seat backs loosen themselves and can be gathered or aligned in just one sheaf with the other components of the seat. The three-feet seat has also two stick extensions of the seat bolster, which assumes a new shape, from a triangle one to a wider ergonomic pentagonal shape. In this little seat, the seat back has a small height and it supports only the lumbar region; moreover, a part of its transverse load contributes to the support of the legs. The five-feet seat is provided with two short armrests, structured with sticks and stretched ropes. It’s a comfortable sturdy and multi-purpose seat, which can be used indoor as well. The four-feet seat in the diamond shape is the simple and all-purpose seat suitable for camping, beach, perfect with ATOM tables. The four-feet squared version is perfect to be aligned and laterally connected with other parallel rows during conferences, concerts and similar events, since it is provided with eyelets for in series lateral binding.