Useful information

The one-foot support, with a weight ranging from 200 to 250 grams, is the lightest support within ATOM range. The rods, which it is composed of, can be made of metals or other composite materials. It opens up by stretching only one clasp, the rubber foot leaning on the floor is partially hinged so as to improve the grip on the floor.

The two-feet support is an innovative product. The tetrahedron shape (shared with the one-foot support) is the simplest and stablest existing geometry; the reducible version, with halved rods, can be closed and put into a bag attachable to a belt with the encumbrance of a glass (3x8 thumbs). The immediate fast opening and closing let the user make use of it in all the situations where a temporary break is required, which means not only during excursion activities but also in the field of urban tourism.