Useful information

The range includes an unusual size cot, 40 cm high, with a bolster 65x135 cm long suitable for children, young people or small persons; lacking rigid ends, it can work as a camping bed for people up to 155 cm. Working on the four vertexes of the surface, the traction system makes this model as comfortable as a stretched hammock without the excessive central sagging of such models.

The folding bed is not a camping bed, even if far lighter than many of the existing models from this category, instead it is a proper bed 55 cm high in the ends (while in use 40-45 cm in the centre) with a rectangular plane 80 cm wide and 2 metres long. In the closing the encumbrance is slight, whereas the assembly requires the positioning of 8 rod ends against a cloth surface and the closing of two hooks ( all the process takes around one minute). The height of the bolster and its tension are adjustable, making this model extremely adaptable. Proper usages of this item are: the instalment of civil protection camps, military camps, and field hospitals: the possibility of lifting the supporting surface up to 75 cm high may be useful where the emergency might require a prompt intervention from the worker on the patient at a comfortable height.

It is relevant to highlight its usage as an extra bed for guests, considering that the folding requires only a tiny space and as a bed on the beach and for camping, whenever you need to properly rest, in comfortable conditions beyond the standard with the less encumbrance in the transport.

The stretched cot, about 250cm long and 95 cm wide, works as a bed and the traction of the supporting surface in just two points make it less stable than the bed but lighter and faster in the assembly or closing. The extension of the surface width is ensured by two strong and foldable sticks, firmly sewn on the ends of the cloth surface.

The hammock support, perfect to be located in a garden, is a supporting framework for usual hammock, about three metres long; this structure is tubular as well, with plastic connection and tension systems made of polyester ribbons or cables, and it can be open as well as disassembled in few movements, easily closed again in an only 65 cm sheaf, with a diameter of 8 cm. It can be carried over the shoulder. With its estimated weight of 2 kilograms, it weighs about a tenth of the similar heavy tubular or wooden products, which might be disassembled.