ATOM Foldable

Useful information

Lightness-Strenght-minimal encumbrance

ATOM technology includes a wide range of products able to quickly substitute many of the available current support apparatus for outdoor activities. It is a proper technological revolution in the field of folding equipments and furniture.

They consist in seats, stools, deckchairs; furthermore tables, cots, hammocks support, supports for travelling people and other supports. Through the application of an unusual executive principle, ATOM technology, we can produce these items with improvements in terms of weight, encumbrance and strength of 500% in comparison with the current products available in the market. ATOM equipment are incredibly light, weighing on average one fifth, since one fifth of the manufacturing materials usually adopted are used. As a consequence, when closed they occupy a volume of 20 % of the available standard products.

Nevertheless, these lightness characteristics are associated with an extraordinary strength, in fact, though they have the same weight of the existing products in the market, our supports bear far greater loads, five or ten times higher, than those ones. That is why we can produce such light products without prejudicing their strength, on the contrary many of our items show a support capacity which goes beyond the real necessity.